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05 avril 2007

Abigail Percy

Abigail's jewellery

Abigail Percy is a jewel designer. I accidentally came across her website and fall in love with her beautiful pieces. Even if she claims to be inspired by Paris, this is mostly Glasgow that I see trough her beautiful pieces. The floral patterns, the simple designs, I think the imperceptible influence of MacKintosh and Art Déco is here. And Glasgow, its architecture, its people, its optimism too.

It is a little bit pricey for me, but I think I could make an exception one day. For a lovely necklace, or wonderful earrings for instance. Her pieces are all hand-made, that's the kind of objects you'll keep for years and you won't regret having buy. That's a timeless jewellery. And it's all so delicate & beautiful ! Subtle, girly but not too much… Very "vintage" inspired, but quite modern in the same time. There's lot of pearls, but not used in a classical way. Pearls paired with leaves and flowers patterns don't seem that old-fashioned. It gives them a twist !

My favourite piece so far is the rhodendron necklace, the one pictured at the extreme right of the header above. The leaves earrings are really stunning too. I wish I had discovered her while I was still in Glasgow !

+ To go further : Abigail's jewellery can be purchased at Etsy. She runs a delightful blog, and she also has a Flickr account.


Blogger Abigail said...

Hello...many thanks for mentioning my work - I am glad you like it.

Having travelled to Paris quite a lot recently, I have used some of the imagery I sourced there in my pieces [like sweet chestnut leaves etc]....however, the city itself is not something I have ever claimed has really been a major influence on my work...[just a place that moves me greatly and that I love to be!]

Of course, all work that is floral in theme [and produced in Scotland] will be held up to MacKintosh - but honestly, his work, although I admire it [particularly his watercolours], has never been an influence of mine...neither has Art Deco [which is more angular and harsh in style from the late 20's and 30's]....My degree show collection, which was the spark for the work I do now, drew on some of William Morris' process drawings and pattern designs from the Arts and Crafts period- so there may be some crossover there?

I did enjoy reading your take on my work though...and also glad to hear you have such a soft spot for Glasgow. It is a great place!! Hope you make it back soon :)


Anonymous Mam'zelle Lulu said...

Hello Abigail, thanks for your comment. I'm sorry I said wrong things. I think this is due to two main reasons :

1/ I'm French, so sometimes I say things a certain way cos I don't have enough vocabulary to express my thoughs clearly in English (and well, the purpose of this blog is for me to practise my English). Thus I'm sorry I said you were inspired mainly by Paris, as you talk a lot about it on your blog, and if I remember well, you even said you are planning about moving there, I made this shortcut to introduce the subject of my entry.

2/ I'm not a specialist of art history, so basically I make some comparisons between things I know, and clearly I'm oftenly wrong... Well, I shouldn't have given my opinion... :[

I won't edit this entry, but I'll let your comment of course. Tell me if you want me to remove this post.
Again : I'm sorry...

Blogger Abigail said...

Hi Lucie...

No need to appologise, I don't mind at all!!

I am always really interested to read peoples opinions of my work ...so please don't feel you need to censor that in any way :)

I just thought I would put in my tuppence worth ;)))

Thanks again for mentioning my work! xx


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