Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

28 mars 2007

Simply boring

I've just seen Lady Chatterley, the movie by Pascale Ferrand. Gosh, you can't imagine how boring was that film !!!

The scenario is adapted from a version of D.H. Lawrence's book. The story takes place in the UK, in the early 20's. To sum up the scenario : Lady Chatterley has an handicaped husband, they live together in a little castle in the countryside, she's bored and dispressed, and she somehow fall in love with the gamekeeper Parkin. And then for 2 hours the realisator films the two of them flirting, having sex, going on walks, having sex, being angry against each other, having sex, and so on. Oh, I forgot, there is a close shot on each little leave, each flower, each drop of water all along the film, I don't know why, I just think it's just really annoying. This is art, some might say. This is boring, I'll respond.

The most amazing thing about this film is that it gets five Césars (the French Oscars, kind of). Five Césars ! How come ? Apparently I was the only one to be bored, uh ? Among others were the best film's César (?!?) and the best actress' César. Okay, so you should know that to my mind this gal's not able to act, everything seems so "artificial", she's not natural at all, it looks awkward. She's really bad at it. But this is only my opinion, and it looks like I'm the only one to think that way… Gosh, what's wrong with me ???

So, let's say I didn't understand anything AT ALL about this film. Some may judge it as a chef d'œuvre, I think it's a dreadful adaptation of the book, then it's up you to watch it and make your choice ! OR you can avoid the boredom torture and watch Little Miss Sunshine or American Beauty instead and have a good time… It's up to you...