Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

01 mars 2007


My brand-new music obsession : Costello Music, The Fratellis' debut album. The fact that they're Glaswegians is not the only reason why I like this group. Actually, their disc somehow reminds me of Definitely Maybe, the first album of Oasis (and that is definitely a compliment to me). Because this is the kind of album one can listen to again and again. Because their rock'n'roll is stained with a lighter pop sound. Because of their catchy melodies. Because John Lawler is cute. Because each and every song of the album could be a hit. Because those guys have a sense of humour. Because of the three pin-ups who are portrayed on the disc sleeve. Because even if they're not brothers, like Liam and Noel are, they choose a confusing pseudonym for their group. Is it enough reasons to convince you to listen to The Fratellis ?

+ To go further : The Fratellis' website (where you can download acoustic and live songs for free, once you've registered as a member) // the iTunes ad, starring Flathead