Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

21 mars 2007

Music is my favourite drug

The most wonderful thing about the internet, when you're as obsessed as me with music, is that you can easily have access to hundreds of GigaOctets of music and discover to a bunch of new artists. I made a list of the websites I use to visit to get my daily fix :

Pandora : everybody's talking about that website, but I'm not a big fan. I have very ecclectic tastes, and if I listen to something, it doesn't mean I'm going to like every single song similar to it.

Musicovery : The same concept as Pandora, but cooler. The main difference with Pandora is that you're not obliged to listen to songs from the same genre. You can also choose to listen to songs according to your mood, for instance. Very clever.

RadioBlog : Who doesn't know RadioBlog ? Enter the name of a song/artist and listen to it immediately ! Millions of songs are available. You can also create your own radio to add to your blog. I've mine, but it really needs an update, and I'm a bit too lazy…

Myspace : everyone knows this one as well. Myspace is really useful cos everybody has a profile there, it makes it easier to look for an artist, either it is a worldwide famous rock star or a local little group. I have a Myspace profile too, I use it as a catalogue of my favourites groups and artists, such as Mogwai, Beirut or The Fratellis.

Music mags : NME, Les Inrocks, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone are great to read reviews and stay in the know with the latest news and gossips. I also subscribe to those RSS feeds : PopMatters, Fluctuat, dMute.
And, of course, I read a bunch of music blogs : Open Your Eyes (my fave, he has great taste in music), mp3 hugger (that I will love forever, cos thanks to him I discovered The Rye), One small sound, I guess I'm floating, Je dis ça je dis rien, Music is art (truly beautiful), Reloda (one of the few entirely legal music blogs), Debaser.

Last.Fm : THE perfect musical website to me. Last.Fm combines the concepts of Myspace (you can create your own page, invite friends and take part in communities and forums), Pandora (you can discover to new artists), Wikipedia (the members edit the information about the artists by themselves) and RadioBlog (you can listen to songs and even download some of them for free). Last.Fm is really an wonderful website. What I prefer about this website is the community spirit. Members can get involve. So, if you're a last.fm user, check out my profile and get in touch !

And if anyone has any other great website in mind, feel free to share !