Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

19 février 2007

'Est-ce que vous aimez le disco ?'

GénériQ is a music festival that is sometimes said to be the "Eurockéennes matching festival for winter". From february 16th to 27th, eclectic concerts take place in Dijon, Belfort, Besançon and Mulhouse. I’ve been to one of those this week-end. It was featuring Jack Penate, Babet and Chikinki. I had a good time. And for once, it was allowed to take pictures of the artists. Unfortunately I didn't have anymore batteries in my camera. I was so upset I didn't check the batteries before going, but usually it is forbidden to take pictures there ! Anyway, it was a good concert, in a little place, and the spectators weren't too numerous, so I think it was just fine. I like big rooms fulled with hysteric fanatics, but something a more intimate ambiance is good too.

Jack Penate

First of all, Jack Penate. The new “web phenomen” according to those who are a little bit too eager about myspace. Hum, to tell the truth, I wasn’t convinced by his show. Okay, the guy can move his legs, but that’s not enough for me. I don’t go to a concert to watch a crazy stooge, but to listen to good live music. And that’s maybe what was missing with Jack’s music : songs with a true melody and a strong beat, you know, songs able to make people dance and enjoy themselves. They were only three on scene : a bass, a battery and him and his guitar. Clearly that wasn’t enough to produce decent music. Try again, Jack.


The delightful find of the evening was the lovely Babet. She’s not a complete stranger, she used to be a part of Dionysos, one of the most successful rock bands of the time in France. She is walking on her way alone, now. Her debut album is to be released at the beginning of march 2007. It was her second concert in solo. And that was really great. This tiny woman (she must be 1,50 m height, ok, perhaps 1,60 m) has much more charisma than Jack Penate. With her violin, her guitar and her two mates, she entertains the whole audience. She’s the kind of artist it is worth seeing on stage. Not to mention to her music : wonderful folk-rock songs that talk about love, travels and life. With the imaginary and marvellous atmosphere I already loved in Dionysos music. She creates her own fantastic world : a blend of poetry and exuberance, associated to rock’n’roll. And a bit of disco, too !


And last but not least, the worthy successors of The Libertines : Chikinki. One of them, actually. English rock bands are not a disappearing species, as everybody knows. So this time, they come from Bristol, they’re English and foolish, they have a punk-rock style. They rock, babe ! Even with one member of the group missing, they were great and everybody had a lot of fun during their show. They might not overtake Franz Ferdinand, but they’re talented enough to provide enjoyment to their spectators. Why asking more?

+ To go further : Jack's myspace // Babet's myspace // Chikinki's website