Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

30 mars 2007

'Et ce n'est pas Chantal Goya'


I went to a very good concert last wednesday. The first part was featuring Katel. I didn't knew her at all before going, so it was a complete -and wonderful- surprise to discover such a talented artist. I can now say I love Katel ! She was there to present her first album. Her voice is very particular, quite strong. Her texts are like finely carved sculptures that she wrote patiently. She did a cover of Human Behaviour, one of my favourite Björk’s songs. I’m telling you : I love her !
I regret now I didn't purchased her album that evening. Maybe I'll catch her at Le Printemps de Bourges, she's gonna be there too !

The main part of the concert was concerning Jeanne Balibar. She's an actress / singer (tick what you want). I didn't knew her before going neither, so I listened to one of her album during the past week to see what it looks like and I wasn't convinced. To be honest, she's not really my cup of tea. But I had a great time anyway during her concert. She's great on stage, and the people in the public were (older than me) quite enthusiastic. They knew the lyrics by heart, were dancing or sitting in front of the scene, it was cool. I took lots of pictures, therefore I was happy (even if most of them are quite blurry). Good music + possibility to take picture = makes me smile :)

+ To go further : Katel's website // Jeanne Balibar’s myspace