Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

01 mai 2007

'a little compensation after the World Cup...'

picture from Guy Eppel
[picture taken by Guy Eppel]

I went to a concert last thursday. Good Shoes was playing the first part of The Rakes. The first thing you notice about Good shoes is that they wear ruined Chucks (well, that was easy…). Apparently, that group like good old recipes, can it be old Converses or rock music. According to Les Inrocks, this is a group to watch for. What's my own opinion after that concert ? Well, I can say it's one quite good brit group among so many others interchangeable brit groups, but I cannot say more. The problem with the same old recipes is that they all have the same taste at the end.

Fortunately, their followers were much more appealing. Alan Donohoe is the living proof that you can have no talent in dancing (at all), and yet be the leader of one of the most exiting group of the moment. Again, what makes the difference between one and another British band is the stage performance. I'll always prefer good performers. A rock concert must be a spectacle. And with The Rakes, I was satisfied. Their recordings might not be terrific, but their live concerts are. We’re only at the beginning of the year, but I already think that last week’s concert’s gonna be on my “list of the best concerts I’ve been to in 07”.

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