Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

02 février 2007

5 randoms things about me

I took that questionnaire at Candy Cane's, but I think half of the blogosphere already answered to it. So, here is 5 things you don't know yet about me :

● I got my driving license only 5 days after my 18th birthday (the legal age to drive in France). I don't know anybody who did better than me. I'm very proud of this.

● When I was a child, I used to have a salamander as a pet. I kept it on an aquarium. There is people out there who never saw a salamander in their life ! I also used to adopt dogs, cats, rabbits, goldfishes, poneys, miniature hens, a one-leg dove... Growing up in the middle of the countryside is fun, I tell you !

● When I passed the bac (equivalent to the A-level in the UK), I told my parents I failed. Well… that day, I realised my parents don't have any sense of humour.

● The first CD I bought with my own money was Louise Attaque, back in college. It still is one of my favourites albums nowadays.

● I loooove to take pictures. More than a hobby, it's a sickness, a drug, whatever… I'm a camera junkie ! But, wait a minute… that's something you already know about me, don't you ? :]