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04 février 2007

Shrigley's absurd drawings

David Shrigley

The first time I noticed his work, it was last year, on the walls of Glasgow. David Shrigley is the artist who designed the posters for the Triptych Festival. At this time I took pictures of those posters, thinking "wow, how cool is that!", but I had no idea who this artist was. Then I did a little bit of research, as curious as I am, and I found informations about him on the web and in The List, a Scotland-based magazine. And finally, last week, I remembered those posters again when I read his interview in one of my favourite music magazine : Les Inrocks (Fr).

David Shrigley graduated from Glasgow School of Art. Well known as a cartoonist for The Guardian, he also makes sculptures, paintings and animations. He has directed the video for Blur's Good Song. His drawings are both humorous and bizarre and his artworks are very simply designed. He confesses himself in Les Inrocks that it took him about 5 minutes to conceive the London Tube Map.

On the header above, you can see some of the Triptych posters on the left, and the famous London Tube Map on the right.

+ To go further : Shrigley's website