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04 février 2007

'You need to wake-up, now'

an inconvenient truth

Last week, I went to the projection of An Inconvenient truth, the film directed by Davis Guggenheim and starring Al Gore. It was followed by a debate with a scientist and a politician. The first part of the evening, the projection of the documentary, was brilliant. The debate was really less interesting.

Inviting a scientist was a great idea, but I would have invited someone else than this political guy. Maybe no one else agreed to come… So. This man just monopolized the micro. He was talking all the time and boring everyone with loads of numbers and statistics. And promoting his own political party, of course. At one point, I really had the impression to be at a political meeting, and I didn't come to this event for that purpose, really not. The scientist guy was much more intersting, however he couldn't say one little word. Actually, even then he managed to tell a couple of silliness. *Sigh*

The best one is really Al Gore. His speech was clear and not soporific at all. He demonstrates what the global warming is, and why we should worry about it, giving the most obvious evidence : the ten hottest ten years on record have occurred in the last 14 years. It is not over-dramatic though. Al Gore adds his views on what can be done and gives you tips to be a carbon-free citizen.
I think this is a necessary film, and I strongly avise you to go to watch him, if it's not done already !

+ To go further : the film's website // StopGlobalWarming.org