Le carnet de Mam'zelle Lulu

28 janvier 2007

Time for changes

Butterfly, originally uploaded by Mam'zelle Lulu.

First of all, I changed my layout a little bit. Hope you like it. For those who are nostalgic, the picture above is the one I used for my last banner : a lovely butterfly on a lavender flower that I pictured last summer in my garden...

And, as you can see, I finally decided to write my blog in english. Don't know if it'll last, but I think it might be a good idea to keep practising my english, while talking about stuff that I like... once in a while (yes I'm very bad at updating).
I don't have many (if any) readers anyway, so it would probably bother anyone. Just one thing though : some people think that, since I've been living in Scotland, I must speak flawless english. That is really far from right. I do speak (and write) a correct english I suppose, but I still do a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings ! And I have a terrible lack of vocabulary. So if you notice mistakes, please don't boo me, and tell me instead, so I can improve myself ! And don't expect me to be a dictionnary !

Thank you folks :]