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28 janvier 2007

The very best of 2006 (to me)

The very best of 2006 (to me)

In one of Dijon's movie theaters, people have been invited to vote for their favourite movie in 2006, and that is Volver that reach the top rank. The list also includes Little Miss Sunshine, among others. I don't really agree for Volver. Anyway, it seems we're in the middle of the awards time : the Oscar nominations have been published lately. So I decided to publish my own best-of-2006 list. Here it is :

Little Miss Sunshine
Love + Hate
Brokeback Mountain
Red Road

I'm waiting for the Oscar results, I hope that Little Miss Sunshine will get at least one or two of the gold statues. I'd give the best supporting actress award to Abigail Breslin (for her role in Little Miss Sunshine) and the best screenplay award to Babel. And to my mind the best documentary is An inconvenient truth, without any doubt.

And, what about Volver ? I've seen it last week, thanks to the Telerama festival, and it is a very good film, but I was a little bit disappointed. I think I'll write a post about it, and about the others films I've seen during this festival (Brokeback Mountain and C.R.A.Z.Y.). Stay tuned !