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05 juillet 2007

Summer photos contest

Hello everyone ! This is just a little update to tell you that I'm participating to the summer photo challenge at hotpixel. You can vote for my picture here, so I can win the contest ! It'll be hard, cause I'm afraid I'm not as good as all the other participants, but it's fun to participate to a challenge for the first time :) For those who read my blog regularly, you might recognize the picture that I already posted her a while ago...

Anyway, I'll be back soon, to tell you about the fabulous Beirut's concert I went to this week. Stay tuned !


Anonymous Tizel said...

I have vote for you. It will not be sufficent to win the contest, but I hope that it can help you to progress in the placing.


Blogger Mam'zelle Lulu said...

Thanks a lot Tizel !

You know, you can write in French as well :)


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